The simplest way to reconcile your accounts with your bank statements™

Bank Reconciliation for IRIS Exchequer

Quick, innovative and easy to use.

"Auto Bank Rec was up and running within one week and our staff trained within the day which limited any disruption in deploying the software over our entire company." - Michael Pearson, Financial Accountant, Inventive Leisure Ltd

Auto Bank Rec™ works comfortably alongside IRIS Exchequer

Auto Bank Rec™ is the UK's leading automatic bank reconciliation software, implemented in scores of companies across the country.

It works comfortably alongside IRIS Exchequer and can be customised to import data in various formats.

It automatically matches thousands of bank transactions with corresponding cash book entries in just a few seconds.

It can also suggest intelligent postings to resolve any cash book or bank discrepancies and can generate clear reconciliation reports in various formats.

With Auto Bank Rec™, this entire process can be completed in minutes rather than days.